I’ll never understand parents who ask their children at the cinema “do you want anything else?”, the child says “no” and the parent continues to suggest every other snack.  Like, they have a tube of pringles that is plenty of unhealthy food to last them an hour and a half.  Your child has exhibited self-control, encourage that shat.

Did you? xD

Yes and it was incredibly awkward because they kept mishearing me so I’m pretty sure (when I play it back in my head) I made them spell “How Trrain Your Draton 2” but I was beyond caring by halfway through lol.

Customer phoned up and asked when How to Train Your Dragon 2 was on, then asked me how to spell it.  What

Blegh, only thing that sucks about working at a cinema is getting movie spoilers.  I was looking forward to going into HTTYD2 totally blind, but was just forced to read a synopsis of what is presumably the first half hour in order to write up a blurb for our adverts. D=

I’m going to put anti-vandal paint on this counter if one more kid hangs onto it and kicks the wall underneath lol.

Bloody hell it’s baking in here today

Thought I’d be working all day today but apparently my colleagues made a schedule for half term and made no attempt to let me know about it.  It was written in our diary but if there isn’t an upcoming show I have no reason to look further ahead than the current week in that.

Ah well, at least I can use this extra time productively.

*goes back to bed*

We got Postman Pat posters in at the cinema I work at and oh my god they look like 20 minute photoshop jobs. The robots are copy-pasted with not a single variation between them and distant blurred objects have outlines from where you can see they’ve been cut from another source.

How is this movie a thing, did they have a tiny budget or have they just never made a movie in their life

Oh good a passive aggressive tumblr update is all it took they seem to be leaving now

I was trying to listen to that talk about internet bullying between cinema rushes since it’s pretty quiet here today. I’ve had it paused for a while because two people have been sat in the lobby (after not buying anything and using the toilet) reading a local magazine about what’s on in the area and talking about pretty much every single page for nearly an hour now.

G o     a w a y