My Dad decided he didn’t want anything so now I get to wait an extra hour to eat for no reason

Well if this is the worst thing that happens today I can hardly complain with everything going on in the world I’ve been being in quite the “count my blessings” mindset tbh

Some weird american guy came in wearing a jacket but no shirt„ asked for directions to the beach, said the local area reminded him of where he grew up (Cape Town I think he said?) then asked me what the employment situation was around here.  I was like “well uhh, we don’t really have any jobs going here” and he was all “No I mean the area generally” and I said “I don’t know I’m not really familiar with what kind of jobs are available in the area”.  ”Well YOU have a job don’t you?” he retorted before immediately leaving before I even had a chance to respond.

What the fuck.

Okay there’s an adorable 3 year old in the lobby who can’t accept that Planes 2 has finished.  Like they’re not crying but they’re fairly inconsolable that the film has an end and that end has been reached.  His Mum was like “Planes 2 is gone, it’s all done now”  ”…No.  NO.  *stamps feet*”  He’s not having a strop or anything, just sounds genuinely confused and disappointed lol.

Really small children are so friggin’ weird lmao.  3 year old refused to leave with his parents because he wanted to look at the poster for a film for longer, and then when they did the “alright we’ll see you later”  *leaves and waits just slightly out of sight thing* he broke down sobbing on the floor at the dilemma of whether he ready to leave his life of having parents behind to stare at a CG animated cat for a little while longer.

Kids and their priorities.

I’ll never understand parents who ask their children at the cinema “do you want anything else?”, the child says “no” and the parent continues to suggest every other snack.  Like, they have a tube of pringles that is plenty of unhealthy food to last them an hour and a half.  Your child has exhibited self-control, encourage that shat.

Did you? xD

Yes and it was incredibly awkward because they kept mishearing me so I’m pretty sure (when I play it back in my head) I made them spell “How Trrain Your Draton 2” but I was beyond caring by halfway through lol.

Customer phoned up and asked when How to Train Your Dragon 2 was on, then asked me how to spell it.  What

Blegh, only thing that sucks about working at a cinema is getting movie spoilers.  I was looking forward to going into HTTYD2 totally blind, but was just forced to read a synopsis of what is presumably the first half hour in order to write up a blurb for our adverts. D=

I’m going to put anti-vandal paint on this counter if one more kid hangs onto it and kicks the wall underneath lol.

Bloody hell it’s baking in here today