Oh good a passive aggressive tumblr update is all it took they seem to be leaving now

I was trying to listen to that talk about internet bullying between cinema rushes since it’s pretty quiet here today. I’ve had it paused for a while because two people have been sat in the lobby (after not buying anything and using the toilet) reading a local magazine about what’s on in the area and talking about pretty much every single page for nearly an hour now.

G o     a w a y

I wasn’t especially hyped about the Direct because like, it was days away, and even this morning was like “I have a whole work shift between now and the Direct”. Now… I have 20 mins of my shift left and the hype is building oh no

Lol, customer just asked if our cinema has “Surround Stereo”.

I just served about 67 foreign students in the space of 25 minutes and let me tell you about Europe, wonderful culture, needs to fucking learn how to queue.  Literally the entire width of the counter (about 10 people) filled with them all yelling at me for stuff and trying to shove in front of each other, I actually just had to leave and get their supervisor to get them organised before I collapsed from the noise and stress of it all.  Do they do this at home?  How the fuck does any busy shop serve anyone over there?

Okay phew everything went okay and he performed.  I can’t wait to go home after this interval though.  u_u

We have some celebrity person in tonight (they’re popular enough to be on TV, I know that much) doing a performance and I guess it was a warning sign when one of our managers was offhandedly telling me how they refused to perform at a theatre one time because they didn’t let them take their dog in with them.

We’re only a small place and do not have huge budget, so our backstage area is pretty damn basic, not uncomfortable but far from glamour or the kind of backstages you’d see on TV.  I’ve only overheard stuff but apparently they’re “insulted” that we invited them here, and we’re having to offer if they want to get changed at a local hotel nearby rather than here, and one of their staff is “talking to them” - said by another member of their staff in a tone almost as if they’re having to be convinced to stay and perform, and almost as if to say “yeeeah they’ve done this before, a lot”.

What this rant all comes down to though is goddamn they better perform I am getting so nervous at the concept of having to deal with 200+ angry customers who have turned up just to have the person say “lolnope dun wanna”.  Just argh I am so anxious and not happy right now.

Oh boy the fire alarm is malfunctioning at work and we’re halfway through two films and pouring with rain outside I hope it doesn’t go off.  It’s kind of in warning mode at the moment and we can’t get it to silence.  D=

The phrase I hear over the phone at work that puts me most into imaginary Basil Fawlty mode when I’m in a grumpy mood is when people start their call with “Hi I’m just calling, um, I’d like to…”  Really, you’re calling?  Thank you so much for clarifying I was getting my quill out to make a written letter response.

I made a funny to a customer today and for the first time ever they actually understood it and laughed.

Customer: “Is The Railway Man on?”

Manager: “It was; I’m afraid it finished today, the last showing was this afternoon.”

Customer: “Oh dear, we missed it.”

Manager: “Yes, we have been showing it for 2 weeks now though.”

Customer: “Yes we saw the poster when we drove past in our car the lastweek.”

Manager: “Well you have to be quick sometimes I’m afraid.”

Customer: “Yes, but we were only able to get in today.”

Me: “It took you that long to find a parking space?”