The results of this poll, including replies over here on tumblr, was joint 1st place for Rani and Alice plus one suggestion to draw jackalope girls instead of plain ole bunny girls.  The dA and Pixiv uploads below have a little extra to the background.


Well I guess I’m drawing Alice and Rani in bunny outfits while listening to many many Eggman related songs then because “Easter” “Bunny” “Rabbit” and “Spring” brought up the meagre results I expected of “Egg”.  In fact Sonic made his way into the last one there again with Spring Stadium and Spring Yard gosh fuck off Sonic

I wanted some mood music for drawing my easter picture and typed this into my iTunes library with low expectations like I dunno it’ll probably return 7 tracks and 5 of them will just have “egg” in the middle of another word or something.

I forgot I was a Sonic the Hedgehog fan for a minute there

Well I was totally up for playing PSO1 online again today, having-to-do-it-on-my-old-comp-be-damned.  I had a mess around earlier and was about to play annnnd the server is down again blarp.

Guess I’ll have a coffee and draw that Easter pic instead.


Easter Table 2014

I’ve been neglecting this blog a lot, sorry!  I haven’t been very vigilant about taking photos of any interesting new food I make/eat unfortunately.  I felt this was foody enough to post here though.  Every year Mollfie and I like to make an Easter display on our dining table.  Normally we buy a couple of eggs but we saw this amazing creation at Hotel Chocolat and decided to just buy one fancy one this year.  We also bought some super pretty plain milk and white chocolate eggs from Waitrose a few months back (that have been taunting me in the cupboard this whole time) and have some little Cadbury eggs for hiding and vegan caramel chocolates.  I plan to hide a few for my Dad in his half of the house too without telling him.  =B  We’ll have Hot Cross Buns for breakfast and I’m gonna make a roast dinner for lunch tomorrow.

It’s not Easter without tons upon tons of little deformed fluffy chicks everywhere.  I like to imagine they are in a state of perpetual screaming.

Well I managed to get to the title screen of PSOBB at last but now it keeps saying the patch server is down when I know it isn’t (checked on the old PC).  The trials continue.

I think it’s something to do with port forwarding but I can’t make head or tail of it.  I have about three sources on what to do and none of them are consistent with each other.

PSO2 is the only PC game I’ve ever played where the menu select sound doesn’t get cut off immediately from the application closing when you choose “yes” on the “are you sure you want to quit?” confirmation. I just wanna say I was very impressed by that.


In waking I’m alone…

Eleanor from BioShock 2.  I was pretty uninspired this week for friday fanart so this ended up being an experimental (i.e. how messy can I draw this and still have it be a thing) quickie.

For some reason the “sad” ending always resonated with me more than the good ending in BioShock 2, which felt a bit cheesy and trying too hard to match the first game’s ending.  I hate that you have to go full evil and cause the death of tons of Little Sisters while putting up with a suddenly out of characterly sadistic Eleanor for the final act of the game to get it.


Skullgirls stuff Because just about every ending in that game is saaaaad

Also too late but I should try and remember this because some of the Skullgirls girls are cuties.  Though they look kinda intimidating to draw.  Like the art style is so good I feel like they’d lose all appeal in my own style


Whoops you were too late but I kinda did ages back remember