When a close art friend with OCs that I’ve discussed with them at length and really like etc draws a new pic and I’m like “Whoa that’s a really nice new pic of <OC name>”

And then they’re like “Oh um… actually this is a new character/<different OC>”

And I’ll say something like “Oh haha yeah now that you mention it I do see the differences I wonder what made me mistake it for <initially mentioned OC>”

But inside I’m like


That’s why you drink the real shit with cane sugar and not the syrupy garbage

Over here they’ve brought out a new thing called “Coca-Cola Life” which uses that plant extract sweetener, stevia or whatever it is.  Sort of curious to try it though honestly I find most fizzy drinks too bubbly anyway lol.  I have to decant them back and forth between cups like 10 times before they’re remotely drinkable.

Let's do it, nerd

Alrighty beep me on skype so I’ll see it as a reminder when I get home.  

I don’t normally like fizzy drinks but for some reason I had a craving for cola yesterday so I had a single bottle of Cherry Coke and damn how to people drink multiple servings of this shit on like a daily basis it felt like my teeth were coated in syrup afterwards

I have a confession to make… I have actually been guilty in the past of cat calling.  In fact actually I still do it on a regular basis

You have to understand though, it’s not like a dominance or power-related thing, when you’re walking down the street and you see a total cutie you can’t just… not do anything about it, I have urges y’know

So yeah I end up calling them and trying to get them to come over so I can scritch their ears and smoosh their face and if they’re super friendly see if I can’t rub their fluffy tummies god cats are just so cute I can’t help it I’m sorry




no but real talk have you ever seen the extra costumes from sonic rivals 2
like dont get me wrong they were pretty cool/cute like this is my top fav out of sonics (ive drawn it before)


i also liked egg knucker


and rouge makes the cutest tomb raider look at this





Is there anywhere with a full page showing all the costumes because I’m pretty sure I never unlocked half of these and they are cooler looking than I imagined

here, friend, including descriptions on how to unlock them

Ah, thanks a bundle C=


Three things in common:

  • She enjoys fashion
  • She is pretty damn boringly straight, no interest at all in the same gender
  • She likes to cook but only really when it’s for other people as well as herself, she can’t justify the effort otherwise

Three things not in common:

  • She actively engages in fashion and is interested in a career related to it
  • She’s pescetarian
  • She is significantly more mean-spirited in her wit off the bat even with acquaintances.  She considers it a way of exploring people’s personalities in how they react, though funnily enough she does it near exclusively with people that she has a good feeling about and wants to get to know better.
Any or all of the L4D1 survivors

I waited a while to reply to this as a boredom buster during downtime at work so just to establish context, this is for that “tell me a character and I’ll say 3 things I have in common with them and 3 things I don’t” meme


In common:

  • We both have facial hair
  • We both like to pretend we’re a senile old man from time to time to annoy people
  • We are both unquestionably attractive

Not in common:

  • He’s a natural leader
  • He’s a war veteran
  • That’s not a sailboat


In common:

  • …We both have facial hair lol
  • We both have a friend who we pretend to hate but love deep down
  • We both have a lil crush on Rochelle

Not in common:

  • He’s very physically strong
  • All them sick tats
  • I’m pretty indifferent to vests


In common:

  • We both at least try to look on the brighter side
  • I’d be fairly likely to cling to the hope that things will go back to normal in an apocalypse too
  • I’d look good in one of those hospital gowns

Not in common:

  • I’m not a smart dresser or designer shoes and watch kinda guy
  • I would never in a million years have a shaved head
  • Despite being the everyman character, he can fire a gun pretty competently


In common:

  • We’re both kinda nerds
  • We both frequently rock a ponytail
  • We both studied a creative industries related course at college/uni

Not in common:

  • She’s a lot less mellow than I am
  • I’m not into horror movies
  • She has significantly more nude mods available for download than I do

I was originally planning to do the L4D2 guys as well but this was trickier to mull upon than I thought it’d be lol

The final episode of TWD is out, just played it…  Hard to judge it subjectively of course since I don’t know how big the choices are here compared to Ep 4’s disappointing lack of variety, but I will say it was excellent.  It was never going to live up to Season One’s finale since naturally the stakes were not as high or pre-established as they were back then, but it was awesome all the same.

Spoiler territory thoughts and what I chose:

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