Jungle Joyride@60 FPS | Unleashed Project mod for Sonic Generations PC


Wait if we’re bringing 2008 back. This is a must watch gosh.

I still don’t understand how you even begin to make something like this.

Oh, also, note to self: Don’t play old L4D1 community campaigns that you remember being awkward, but fun with Audi and Cy.  When playing alone they are just awkward and lame.

I didn’t just play it out of nostalgia actually, it was one that had lots of little problems, and one day received an update.  I’ve meant to play the updated version for like, years, constantly putting it off, and finally the day came.  Like… nothing noticeable was changed lol.  Lame.

It’s weird how I have memories of these campaigns being super fun times and full of life, but when you play them alone it highlights how dead and unrealistic they feel due to unprofessional standards (no ambient noise like wind, uneducated building designs completely devoid of furniture and detail, lack of ambient music programming etc).

Maaan there are way too many L4D1 Community Maps that were in the works for a long time, had a L4D2 version start being worked on simultaneously, then had the L4D1 version be abandoned really close to completion.

I completely appreciate that L4D2 is just so much more versatile and obviously has about ten times the playerbase of L4D1, but I’d just love something new to play on L4D1.  Most of the maps I’ve tried for L4D1 in the last couple years were mediocre at best.

Oh wow and one such map is getting rave reviews now that I’m looking on it.  It was nothing but endless corridors and empty rooms unless it’s had a major overhaul since I played it (screenshots suggest no).  Clearly the L4D1 faithfuls have lost it at the lack of new content.

Anyone up for some halloweeny antics on L4D2 on this Yorkshire inspired map? Need a fourth person.  Playing in about 40 mins.

I recently played Designed for Danger and 12 Angry Tests from the Portal 2 Workshop and they are both super awesome sets of test chambers with surprises and story along the way worthy of the official Story Mode.  In fact Designed For Danger fits right into Story Mode as a “what if” side story so that’s pretty awesome.

Oh yeah even though I’ve designed two Portal puzzles in Hammer before, I had a crack at the in-game editor and made a total fool of myself.  I shoulda done what they do - start at the solution and work backwards.  After building and testing a sequence in which you slowly clamber up a chamber of densey packed towers using similar gameplay to that from the penultimate test chamber in Portal 1 (going up and down in and out of portals and placing the next portal on a higher platform as you zoom up past it), I tested out the final portion of the puzzle, where you use your new height to drop all the way back down to the very bottom of the chamber and fly out a portal into the exit at the very top using that velocity - to find that there’s a limit to how much speed you can gain and thus how much height you can gain out of an exit portal.


Might just upload my old maps to the workshop.

Can anyone recommend any awesome Portal 2 community maps with storylines?  I played “12 Angry Tests" (comes in 7 parts) from the Workshop and can’t recommend them enough, they were so well made with a bunch of official Story mode esque funny parts and cool set pieces.

Kinda want more.

Testing out the new compy to see if I can get smooth streaming on complex games now.  Come watch me shoot zambies and get freaked out because LMOE mode is scurry and also chat or whatevs.