Robin Hoods Bay, Yorkshire

I’ve gotten so bad with my sleeping hours.  4am and it doesn’t feel like bedtime yet.  Buuut I’m going because I need to wind back slowly but surely.  I am simply not getting comic done enough lately since I so relate that to morning work.  When I get up at 12 every day I’m like “Oh I should do chore stuff”.

The mood hasn’t hit me to draw it yet but surprise surprise Venus is winning that Smash palette poll so far (asked over on dA too).  She always wins everything lol.

Having said that I do think she’ll be the most fun to make.

There is literally nothing, nothing about the Glasgow violence on the front page of BBC News at time of writing (20/09/2014 2:49am) what the fuck

EDIT: Just been informed that it is the top story on their main page, but it’s odd that it isn’t on the news page, which is what I was using: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/


Ugly and terrifying scenes from Glasgow’s George Square tonight - stay safe everyone.

Live stream HERE

Twitter hashtags: indyref GeorgeSquare Glasgow

Additional info: 1 (images of a fight) 2 (The Independent article on events) 3 (Channel 4 news) 4 (Mirror article) 5 (MNF article)

Pics and content at sources may be triggering; please tread carefully!

Updated 19 September 10:48PM Scotland time to add #Glasgow link.


Supercute Animal Crossing Animation made by ArturOWarE


when you get to that one fucking room in Find Mii